for piano trio

Written: 2015
Duration: ca. 21'
Instrumentation: piano trio
Commissioned by the Claremont Trio and Rick Teller
World PremiereClaremont TrioIsabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, MA, November 15, 2015.
PublisherBill Holab Music

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Moon Trio is the sister piece for another trio I wrote called Sun Trio. Each of the four movements is inspired by the moon. The first movement, Moonbeams, consists of bright, cascading arpeggios that interact and overlap, creating playful rhythmic interactions between the three instruments. The second movement, Lunatic Asylum, is a highly rhythmic, mixed-meter scherzo that capitalizes on extreme ranges and timbral effects. The third movement, Blue Moon, is slow, hazy and dreamlike, and is built on long held chords and lush melodies in the violin and cello. The last movement, Moon Trip, is like taking a trip on a rocket ship. It begins explosively, contains an etherial middle section, and ends solidly as the trio finally lands on solid ground.

Moon Trio was commissioned by the Claremont Trio and Rick Teller.