Braids  8'
for violin and marimba (six-mallets)

Christmas Time  10'
arrangement for percussion sextet

Clarinatrix  5'
for bass clarinet and marimba (six-mallets)

Duo for Flute and Marimba  15'
for flute (doubling piccolo and alto flute) and marimba (four, five and six-mallets)

Excerptia Overture  5'
for mallet ensemble

Fantasia  6'
for tuba and marimba (six-mallets)

Forest Shadows  6'
for five-octave or 4 1/3 octave marimba (two versions) (four mallets)

Helter Skelter  6'
for four percussionists

Humanus Ex Machina  15'
for three percussionists and alto sax

Komodo  4'
for solo marimba (six-mallets)

Links & Chains  5'
for violin and marimba (six-mallets)

Mandala  7'
for two marimbas (4 octave and 5 octave) (four-mallets)

Merry Go Round  3'
for solo marimba (six-mallet)

Piranha  5'
for solo marimba (six-mallets)

Prison Cell  10'
for two percussionists

Sabulum Reptilia  15'
for percussion quintet, tape and piccolo

Stealing Thunder  9'
for percussion sextet and tape

Stillness  6'
for oboe and marimba (six-mallets)

That's Amore  6'
arrangement for keyboard percussion ensemble

Tongue and Groove  8'
for alto saxophone and marimba (six-mallet version)

Tongue and Groove  8'
for alto saxophone and marimba (four-mallet version) 

Three Postludes  9'
for solo marimba (six-mallets)

Voices  6'
for twelve pairs of hands (twelve hand clappers)