Binary Hearts 5'
for solo marimba (four mallets)

Braids  8'
for violin and marimba (six-mallets)

Christmas Time  10'
arrangement for percussion sextet

Clarinatrix  5'
for bass clarinet and marimba (six-mallets)

Duo for Flute and Marimba  15'
for flute (doubling piccolo and alto flute) and marimba (four, five and six-mallets)

Excerptia Overture  5'
for mallet ensemble

Fantasia  6'
for tuba and marimba (six-mallets)

Forest Shadows  6'
for five-octave or 4 1/3 octave marimba (two versions) (four mallets)

Helter Skelter  6'
for four percussionists

Humanus Ex Machina  15'
for three percussionists and alto sax

Komodo  4'
for solo marimba (six-mallets)

Links & Chains  5'
for violin and marimba (six-mallets)

Mandala  7'
for two marimbas (4 octave and 5 octave) (four-mallets)

Merry Go Round  3'
for solo marimba (six-mallet)

Piranha  5'
for solo marimba (six-mallets)

Prison Cell  10'
for two percussionists

Sabulum Reptilia  15'
for percussion quintet, tape and piccolo

Stealing Thunder  9'
for percussion sextet and tape

Stillness 6'
for alto flute and marimba (four-mallets)

Stillness  6'
for oboe and marimba (six-mallets)

That's Amore  6'
arrangement for keyboard percussion ensemble

Tongue and Groove  8'
for alto saxophone and marimba (six-mallet version)

Tongue and Groove  8'
for alto saxophone and marimba (four-mallet version) 

Three Postludes  9'
for solo marimba (six-mallets)

Voices  6'
for twelve pairs of hands (twelve hand clappers)