STRING QUARTET NO. 2 (In-Progress)

Written: Upcoming
Duration: ca. 20-25'
Instrumentation: string quartet
Commissioned by J.K. Billman and written for and dedicated to the Euclid Quartet
Upcoming Premiere: Euclid Quartet. Mostly Modern Festival, June 8, 2018, Arthur Zankel Music Center, Saratoga Springs, NY, USA.
Publisher: Bill Holab Music

Program Note (In Progress)

I completed my first string quartet (String Quartet No. 1, aka "The Love Boat" quartet) in 2000. It was never my intent to wait so long to write a second one, but after writing such a difficult first quartet, I could never find performers that were courageous enough to commission me for another one. I met the members of the Euclid Quartet while we were all in-residence at the Rocky Ridge Music Center in Colorado, we hit it off immediately; I knew I finally found the right ensemble for my next quartet.

String Quartet No. 2 will be in four or five contrasting movements. It is commissioned by J. K. Billman and is written for and dedicated to the Euclid Quartet.