for mixed voices

Written: 1999
Duration: 5'
Instrumentation: mixed voices
World Premiere: JMU Treble Choir, Bryce Hayes, Director, James Madison University Concert Hall, October 10, 2013.
PublisherBill Holab Music
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During the summer of 1998 I taught at The Walden School for young composers in Dublin, New Hampshire. One of the traditions at this school is the singing of canons, particularly before meals. These simple canons are intended to be used for this tradition.

Although the name of this school has no relation to Walden Pond (where Thoreau wrote Walden), The Walden School has been located at the beautiful campus of the Dublin School, a location where I think some of Thoreau’s writings could equally apply.

The text is adapted from quotes from Walden by Henry David Thoreau.

From the last line of the conclusion:
I. "The sun is but a morning star."

From p. 350, Where I Lived, and What I lived For:
II. "Let us spend one day as deliberately as nature…"

From p. 341, Where I Lived, and What I lived For:
III. "What should we think of the shepherd's life if his flocks
always wandered to higher pastures than his thoughts?"

From p. 341, Sounds:
IV. "I rejoice that there are hooting owls."