for percussion quartet

Written: 1984
Duration: 9'
 Instrumentation: four percussionists (total instruments needed: 3 roto toms, 3 single-headed tom toms, 2 suspended cymbals, 2 timpani, snare drum)

 PremiereNichols School  concert, Buffalo, NY, Fall, 1984.
 Publisher: Robert Paterson Music (ASCAP)  

This work is currently unavailable.


Helter Skelter  was written in 1984 for myself and three other percussionists. At the time, I was frustrated with how few interesting pieces there were for four percussionists, so I decided to write my own. It is my first piece for multiple players. It relies on everyone listening closely and quickly reacting to each other. The parts are written in such a way as to allow the players to choose which phrase cells they may or may not play and how long they play them. If performed correctly, this work should never sound the same way twice.