for solo marimba

Boy Lights Fire (2010) by David Lynch.

Written: Upcoming
Duration: ca. 4'
Instrumentation: solo five-octave marimba (four mallets)
Commissioned by Micheal Barnes and a Consortium of Percussionists (In-Progress)
World Premieres: TBD, 2018
PublisherBill Holab Music

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The word ‘pyro' can have a few different meanings. It can denote fire, heat, or temperature, but the meaning that inspires this piece comes from the word 'pyromaniac', which is a word used to describe someone who has a compulsion to set things on fire. In particular, I am influenced by a variety of stories and images, including a surreal, somewhat grotesque piece of art by David Lynch called Boy Lights Fire (2010), in which a boy is holding a book of matches in his left hand and a lit match in his right hand, with someone (perhaps his mother) in the distance, arms stretched out, seemingly in shock. Pyro will be a fast four-mallet piece that will last approximately four minutes, and is intended to be a concert opener or closer, or even an encore piece.