for Twelve Clappers

Written: 1988
Duration: 8'
Instrumentation: 12 pairs of hands (twelve hand clappers)
For Hannah-Raiken Schulman and the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts Dance Department
Studio Recording PremiereBuffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts Dance Department Concert, Hannah-Raiken Schulman, director, Downtown, Buffalo, NY 1988.
Live Performance Premiere: Percussive Arts Society International Convention concert, Poland, 1991.
Publisher: Music for Percussion, Inc.

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Program Note

Voices was written to accompany six dancers performing a powerful work about the lives of teenagers. Two hand clappers (four hands) represent one dancer, and each of the six dancers choreographed their individual dance to their own clapping tracks, which start out together in unison but gradually become more intricate. The whole piece slowly and almost imperceptibly speeds up from beginning to end.