Mourning Jorge Liderman

Last night I found out that composer Jorge Liderman died of an apparent suicide on February 3. He was only 50 years old.

I never met him or knew his music well, but what I did know I liked quite a bit. I am deeply saddened that a composer who had so much going for him would end his life so early. This tragedy should be a reminder to all of us all to pay attention to cues from our loved ones and friends, to take time to reach out to those we care about, and to cherish those around us who dedicate their lives to helping us feel something new and unique through their art.

Within the composer community, it could have been any one of us. I know many composers who are depressed (in fact, probably almost all of them), let alone performers, and people from all walks of life. Some should not be depressed and are blinded by success, but others have every right, particularly those who write wonderful music and have two or three degrees, yet have few or no commissions, no solid teaching job and are constantly broke. Liderman was quite successful and should not have been depressed, but apparently, he was. Whatever the reason, it is a dark day in  the world of classical music.

Inevitably, Liderman's death will probably generate more performances of his work, but it is so tragic that this is how it had to happen.